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Training of Horses

If it's just for hobby or for something ​more serious like dressage competitions. We can train your horse to his highest potential. Some clients have long term projects to their horses, others just like their horses to be train for some months.

We think horses should develop in harmony and relaxation for the best results in competitions...

or just for fun.

Dressage Lessons

No matter what level you and your horse are, no matter what goal or difficulties you have. You can profit in many ways from the vast experience of Henrique Maia and is team in:

°Classical Dressage

°Dressage Competitions up to Grand Prix 

°Working Equitation

°Lessons can be given in 5 languages:

English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese

°Prices: The lessons are 100.- CHF/€ (lessons abroad cost the price of the lessons + travelling fees)

Want to sell your horse?

Using our network of clients and other professionals we can help you to sell your horse. 

°Bring your horse and we will take care about everything°

All the veterinarian checkups and X-rays.

All the publicity like photos and videos.

And, of course, the good communication between buyer and seller.


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